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Why You Should Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned To Maintain the Look of Your Home

For reasons I’ll never understand, there are those few homeowners who decide on a whim that they are professionals and in so doing, think they can get clean, streak free windows as good as the local window cleaning company that will charge them to do it right the first time. Lets face it, most often when we as homeowners try to do things ourselves, it doesn’t always work out as planned. The benefits of hiring a qualified company to get the job done better and faster than we would’ve have tried to, are a lot more significant than we might have initially thought. When it cones to hiring someone to clean your windows, the cost may seem like it’s not worth it, but as you take some time to learn about the advantages of having an experienced cleaner do it, you will soon become aware of the fact that it really is worth every penny, which in the end is a small investment. Bottom line is, just have them done by professionals and you most likely will be very satisfied knowing they did a much better job than you and most likely went above your standards of clean, which will leave you surprised at how clean they really are! Take a look at a number of reasons you should call a local window cleaning service to clean the glass on your house, and how it can improve the look of your home.

Much Better Results

You expectations will probably be exceeded once the job is completed by a pro. Yes, most people are quite capable of cleaning their own windows, but the extra experience, proper equipment and window cleaning techniques will produce better results than your average homeowner equipped with a simple mop & squeegee.

Longevity of Your Windows

A regular cleaning of your windows will enhance the protection of the glass and extend the life span of them as well. You windows, tracks and frames will collect unwanted dust, grime, webs, dirt, not to mention oxidative stress from the elements and environment. As with most everything else, it’s only a matter of time before your windows decline in overall health. The accumulation of things like hard rain, minerals in the air, etc. Having your windows cleaned will help remove these hindrances and prolong their life. Keeping them cleaned and well maintained will help them improve the overall look of your house as well. No body likes dirty windows. Removing all residue and harmful substances from the glass on a regular basis will reduce the effects of oxidation and the chance of having bad looking windows.

Huge Time Saver

Think about all the things you could be doing other than getting stuck cleaning your own windows. Hiring a professional will most likely have them finished in half the time if you tried to do it yourself which saves you a lot of time that can be spent on things that are more important, like playing with your children. You want to spend your time doing things and activities you enjoy rather than dreading the task of cleaning. Trust a local cleaner to get it done for you while you take your family out for ice cream, that sounds like a much more enjoyable activity.

Reasonably Priced

Whether or not it’s less expensive to do it yourself, is not the point. There are a few factors to take into consideration when looking around for window cleaning quotes. If you understand the whole process the professionals will go through to have your windows cleaned optimally, it is a lot easier to pay for it. You’ll start to see how valuable the service can be.

Staying Safe

Getting up on a ladder if you don’t have access to professional equipment like extension poles or water fed poles can become a little risky and dangerous if you’re not used to it. Leave it to a qualified window cleaner to do what he does best every day of the week anyway, cleaning the inside & outside of your windows will always carry much value and bring improvement to your home and property.

Be sure to look around your area for the right company to hire, ask them questions about their process so you know you’re making the right choice.

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Trees, Shrubs & Hedges – Keeping Them in Order throughout the Year

Plants provide an incredible way to improve quality of the environment. In addition to livening up the landscape with a natural show of beauty, mature and healthy plants add value to a property. The most common plants that are found in most homes and commercial spaces are trees, shrubs and hedges. To keep these plants healthy and looking good throughout the year, you need to perform several maintenance practices.

Here are some of the key care and maintenance tips that will enable you to keep your trees, shrubs and hedges in order throughout the year.

Water Your Trees, Shrubs and Hedges

Water is one of the most essential things that your plants require in order to stay healthy throughout the year. Regular watering is recommended from April to late September. Although bigger trees, shrubs and hedges may not require frequent watering, young and small plants need water to establish their roots in the soil and flourish. As such, they should be watered consistently to prevent drying up of the soil around them. Generally, heavier soils require more water than lighter soils like sand. If unsure about the type of soil and the right watering frequency, engage a professional to have soil tests done. However, keep in mind the fact that too much water can be harmful to trees, shrubs and hedges. The best watering methods for the trees, shrubs and hedges include use of hoses and watering cans, dripper pipe systems and sprinklers. It’s also important that you add mulch around the bases of the trees. Mulching should be done using tree barks, peat, composted wood chip or gravels. This helps in reducing water loss through evaporation and suppressing growth of weeds thereby enabling your plants to thrive.

Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizers promote growth of trees, shrubs and hedges. They are important where plants are not performing well. However, applying fertilizers on new shrubs can weaken them and impact poor growth. To avoid such mistakes, consult a professional for advice on the right fertilizers for your plants and how to apply them.

Pruning Trees, Shrubs and Hedges

Pruning is a critical procedure for promoting plants health, removing damaged parts, encouraging new blossoms and maintaining their shapes. Before you start pruning, conduct a careful inspection of the plants to identify the damaged parts to be removed, branches to leave and the best way to shape the plants. For trees, shrubs and hedges that flower in spring, the best time to prune them is immediately after their flowers fade. If your trees, shrubs and hedges flower in summer, prune them in early spring or winter, before they establish new growths. For evergreens that hardly drop their leaves like camellia, conifers, pine and boxwood, winter months are the best time for pruning.

Begin pruning by removing low growing branches that block view or impede the passing vehicles. Branches that are split, broken or dried should also be removed. To promote the health of plants, branches that are affected by pests, diseased or dead should also be removed. If there are branches growing towards the wrong directions, cut them out too. When pruning, be careful to cut out thin branches, suckers and water sprouts. These are undesirable growths that can affect the health of plants negatively if left to thrive. Instead of uprooting overgrown and neglected trees, shrubs and hedges, remove their lower limbs. This helps turn them into small multi-trunked plants that are easier to take care of. Pruning can also be done to create particular shapes for trees, shrubs and hedges. With a better understanding of the different types of growth buds, trees, shrubs and hedges can be trimmed to form unique shapes that complement your landscape and other aspects of the property. But to do this, you need the right pruning tools. These include hand shears, pruning saws, lopping shears, pole pruners and hedge shears.

Although these procedures may look simple, they require expertise and time to perform. Unfortunately, you may not have time and the necessary expertise. That’s why keeping your trees, shrubs and hedges in order throughout the year may entail hiring services of experienced specialists with the right tools to do the job.


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Upgrading Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you want to give your outdoor living space a new appearance? From permanent homes to beach rentals, there are several stylish outdoor living space decors that will create a relaxed outdoor living space. Below are some styles that you can try out.

Clay Pavers

If you are interested in a patio that has a timeless appearance, clay pavers are ideal for upgrading your outdoor living space. Clay pavers are an ideal choice for many home owners. That’s because they have been tried over time and proven excellent colour retainers. They are also highly durable. But before you lay clay pavers, you must ensure that your base is well levelled. For a professional look and long lasting pavers, a concrete subfloor is a must.

Fire Pit Patios

Upgrading your outdoor living space with a fire pit and some relaxing furniture will turn your patio into a welcoming space where people will comfortably gather. Depending on your location, you can go for a gas pit that turns on fire at a switch of a button. Alternatively, install a traditional wood fire pit in the backyard.

Flagstones For a Natural Look

Using irregular flagstones on your patio will give it a nice natural impression. Flagstones provide flat and large areas for setting up furniture. They are also great for breaking the architectural lines of a living space. These stones are however heavy. As such, they require more equipment or hands to properly put in place.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers installation provides a great way to enhance an outdoor living space. They are available in different colors, size and shapes. What’s more, they are fairly priced. Concrete pavers are also less costly and easy to repair compared to concrete slabs. For instance, if you have a paver with a crack, just to replace it or flip it over depending on your chosen pavers.

Add Lighting

Adding lighting to your outdoor space is a great way of upgrading it. Aside from decorating your outdoor space, lighting will enhance your home’s security and safety at night. If you choose this option, LED lights are ideal and most popular. That’s because they consume less energy by up to 90%. However, they are a bit expensive compared to incandescent lights.

Rain Gardening

Rain gardens are eco-friendly and they help in diverting water to trees and plants as well as other areas that may need channeling water away from hardscape features or house. The best plants for rain gardens are native plants as they adapt to climatic conditions, soil and water.

Wood Decks

Wood decks will give your outdoor living space a beautiful natural look. They are also cheaper to install. However, they require slight maintenance, which is worth it. To prevent cracking and fading, it is important that you re-stain the wood decks after a year or two.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor living space, try these tips and you will give your space a new, better look.