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Home Value – Installing A Home Theatre

Installing a home theatre will definitely add value to your home. That’s because it’s the dream of many homeowners and home buyers to have a home theatre. A home with a home theatre provides an entire room where family members can relax and watch film or television.

Theatre rooms are generally equipped with a projector, a large flat-screen television, mood lighting, comfortable seats, and maybe a snack or bar fridge. These rooms are comfortable and ideal for relaxing after a long, working day. It’s generally entertaining to spend time in the theatre room watching the big game or the latest release with friends or relatives.

Nevertheless, spending money on establishing an entertainment room or doing any type of home renovations is not easy. That’s because it’s costly and many people are not sure whether it’s really worth it. But, investing in a home theatre will add value to your home. In fact, this is one of the smartest investments that you can make in form of home improvement.

Buyers Are Attracted to Tech-Equipped Homes

People that want to buy luxury homes are more tech-savvy. They prefer smart or networked homes. For instance, a home buyer will most likely look for a home that is fitted with a home theatre that uses the latest technology. That means a modern home theatre might be the selling point of your home. Therefore, to give your home an edge over those of your competitors when selling your home invest in a modern home theatre.

Although determining the amount that a home theatre will bring to the value of your home is not easy, many real estate experts agree that investing in a high-tech home theatre will boost the resale value of your home.

So, if you are looking for a way to enhance the value of your home, consider installing a home theatre especially if you plan to eventually sell your home. The cheapest option would of course be to take on this large project yourself to save on budget. But to ensure a proper job and end result, it may be smart to involve some sort of contractor to help carry out the renovation. Normally there are specific businesses that install home theatres, but you can also talk to an experienced handyman company or a general contractor like a local Regina handyman we interviewed who has plenty of home renovation experience. They would know the ins and outs of the entire process as they are experts in multiple services.

Upgrading Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you want to give your outdoor living space a new appearance? From permanent homes to beach rentals, there are several stylish outdoor living space decors that will create a relaxed outdoor living space. Below are some styles that you can try out.

Clay Pavers

If you are interested in a patio that has a timeless appearance, clay pavers are ideal for upgrading your outdoor living space. Clay pavers are an ideal choice for many home owners. That’s because they have been tried over time and proven excellent colour retainers. They are also highly durable. But before you lay clay pavers, you must ensure that your base is well levelled. For a professional look and long lasting pavers, a concrete subfloor is a must.

Fire Pit Patios

Upgrading your outdoor living space with a fire pit and some relaxing furniture will turn your patio into a welcoming space where people will comfortably gather. Depending on your location, you can go for a gas pit that turns on fire at a switch of a button. Alternatively, install a traditional wood fire pit in the backyard.

Flagstones For a Natural Look

Using irregular flagstones on your patio will give it a nice natural impression. Flagstones provide flat and large areas for setting up furniture. They are also great for breaking the architectural lines of a living space. These stones are however heavy. As such, they require more equipment or hands to properly put in place.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers installation provides a great way to enhance an outdoor living space. They are available in different colors, size and shapes. What’s more, they are fairly priced. Concrete pavers are also less costly and easy to repair compared to concrete slabs. For instance, if you have a paver with a crack, just to replace it or flip it over depending on your chosen pavers.

Add Lighting

Adding lighting to your outdoor space is a great way of upgrading it. Aside from decorating your outdoor space, lighting will enhance your home’s security and safety at night. If you choose this option, LED lights are ideal and most popular. That’s because they consume less energy by up to 90%. However, they are a bit expensive compared to incandescent lights.

Rain Gardening

Rain gardens are eco-friendly and they help in diverting water to trees and plants as well as other areas that may need channeling water away from hardscape features or house. The best plants for rain gardens are native plants as they adapt to climatic conditions, soil and water.

Wood Decks

Wood decks will give your outdoor living space a beautiful natural look. They are also cheaper to install. However, they require slight maintenance, which is worth it. To prevent cracking and fading, it is important that you re-stain the wood decks after a year or two.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor living space, try these tips and you will give your space a new, better look.

Best Paint Colour Combinations for Your Home Exterior

Selecting the best paint colour combinations for your home exterior is not easy. Maybe you want to highlight the architectural details of your home. Perhaps, you need paint colors that will work like complementary shades for trim and shutters. Whatever the case, the choice of home exterior paint colors is very important.

Colour can make a significant impact on the overall look of your home. For inspiration, think about the style of your home, scale, and architectural styles that are typical to your region or neighbourhood.

This is very important because the best paint colour combinations for a home exterior are contextual to its environment.

Here are some of the combinations that you should consider:

Sage and Straw

Start with neutral straw yellow shade to create a welcoming palette then use sage green to accent the look. This will give your home’s exterior a traditional architecture look. Sage and straw provide a balanced look, curb appeal, and a classic look throughout the year.

Black and Red

Red paint colour is classic. It looks better when used to paint small homes. That’s because these handle this colour better. On the other hand, black paint colour will accent shutters and the front door better.

Two-Tone Olive

These are natural, deep paint colours that will recede into your landscape with ease. They are commonly used in craftsman-style homes. For instance, you can use Dakota Woods green and Gloucester Sage. Front doors can be painted with yellow-orange stain. It’s important to add character to front doors because they draw more attention.

Blue and Grey

Grey paint colour is neutral. It also matches different home styles. What’s more, it complements bricks better. To accent this colour, use sea and sky blue on doors and shutters.

Cream, Burgundy, and Green

A combination of cream, burgundy and green works best for Victorian-style homes. This is a bold paint colour combination that gives the exterior of a home a warm and dramatic appearance.

Basically, these are some of the best paint colour combinations to consider when painting the exterior of your home. Try them out and you will definitely give your home an admirable look.

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Let’s Start With The Basics Of Home Design

Any person who is lucky enough to own a home nowadays can consider such home as his castle. The present state of the economy has made home ownership a rarity indeed especially if a person is a wage earner.

People who have had their homes for a long time are definitely thankful that they have something they can call their own. However, the wear and tear as well as the abuses of nature can take its toll on the inside and outside look of any home. Thus, most homeowners have plans of redesigning their homes depending on the available resources.

Redesigning a home that has been in existence for a long time can be difficult and expensive. However, a person who is creative and industrious enough will find the time and the energy to redesign his home using the basic and affordable guide in home design.

Redesigning a home need not be expensive because there are techniques that can be applied to make an old home as good as new. A person can work on a minimum budget and introduce basic changes in his home which would result to a more aesthetic abode. The people living in a home will certainly have developed a new style or preference after so many years. It is advisable that a person looks into his preferences, the way of life of the family and of course the available budget before making any change. It would help to browse architectural or interior magazines to have an idea of what is new is home redesigning. More often, less is best so make sure that the design would be simple and would fit the personality of the people living in the house.

There are several designs to choose from like country, modern, traditional or pop art. It will depend on the taste of the designer and of course, the people who will be living in the home that will be redesigned.

A person can make amazing changes in any home just by changing the color scheme of the home. It can be a change in the paint of the rooms, or a change in the colors scheme of the draperies. No matter what, the color should match the size and the location of the rooms to be redesigned.

Also take a look at the appliances, furniture and trinkets that are available inside or outside the home. These factors can affect the design and can even have a great impact in the choice of colors.

To make the home more airy and relaxing, it would be a good idea to bring in some plants. The plants should however be of little maintenance so that the homeowner would not have a hard time taking care of the plants.

Also take note of the lighting scheme of the home. Placing the right kind of light at the right place can make a difference in making the home spacious or narrow, cheerful or dreary.