How To Upgrade Your Kitchen Style

Foodies are taking over the planet, which means that more kitchens are being renovated, and more people are paying attention to the latest trends in kitchen styles and appliances. More people are now inviting friends and families over so that they can showcase their skill as home cooks.

The social kitchen

The kitchen has always been a place where people gather together. It is an area of high energy where people eat and interact. These days, the purpose of the kitchen is changing such that is both a place to cook and a place to entertain. A social kitchen is a central spot where long conversations are encouraged. As such, the design of modern kitchen is evolving. Now, kitchens offer comfortable seating. Homeowners are availing the services of interior designers so that the kitchen becomes another living area where people eat while they mingle, and where everyone can participate in or observe the cooking and preparation of dishes. Now, more than ever, the kitchen is the undisputed “most used” room in the home. If you want your kitchen to be the talk of the town, then you must invest not only in the latest kitchen appliances, but also in upgrading its style to fit popular tastes. Here’s more on new home design.

Fashion-forward homeowners are opening up to the idea of throwing in a splash of color to make sort of a bold statement in an otherwise austere environment. Amidst sleek and modern cooking implements the eyes are drawn to a bright red countertop.

The new appliance aesthetic

While stainless steel appliances are still the most popular options in the market today, color is entering the kitchen, with billions of dollars in sales in the United States alone. One of the reasons why stainless steel kitchen appliances are the runaway favorite is their neutrality. Unlike colorful appliances that need to match existing d├ęcor, stainless steel easily fits any kind of environment. People who prefer the modern and sleek look populate their kitchen with this popular trend. Nevertheless, some kitchens are sporting a matte, metallic finish, shifting away from the look that makes household kitchens look like commercial ones.

Another popular concept is the partiality towards appliances with handles, rounded edges, and other characteristics that make them appear like furniture.

Small appliance trends

Perhaps the most important appliance trend of recent years is the compact kitchen appliance. Home cooks are becoming more pragmatic, and since urban dwellings are quite limited in terms of floor space, compact kitchens require small appliances. Functionality is the order of the day, and there’s nothing more functional than a kitchen counter that has everything lined up in one location-the toaster, microwave, the coffeemaker, a modular stove, and even a countertop fridge. Space-saving ideas are becoming more popular now, since they are also becoming even more affordable. Appliance manufacturers are embracing the concept and this makes high quality appliances affordable to regular folk. Aside from being small, modern compact appliances are designed to look like futuristic works of art. Learn more from featured interior design information at