Best Paint Colour Combinations for Your Home Exterior

Selecting the best paint colour combinations for your home exterior is not easy. Maybe you want to highlight the architectural details of your home. Perhaps, you need paint colors that will work like complementary shades for trim and shutters. Whatever the case, the choice of home exterior paint colors is very important.

Colour can make a significant impact on the overall look of your home. For inspiration, think about the style of your home, scale, and architectural styles that are typical to your region or neighbourhood.

This is very important because the best paint colour combinations for a home exterior are contextual to its environment.

Here are some of the combinations that you should consider:

Sage and Straw

Start with neutral straw yellow shade to create a welcoming palette then use sage green to accent the look. This will give your home’s exterior a traditional architecture look. Sage and straw provide a balanced look, curb appeal, and a classic look throughout the year.

Black and Red

Red paint colour is classic. It looks better when used to paint small homes. That’s because these handle this colour better. On the other hand, black paint colour will accent shutters and the front door better.

Two-Tone Olive

These are natural, deep paint colours that will recede into your landscape with ease. They are commonly used in craftsman-style homes. For instance, you can use Dakota Woods green and Gloucester Sage. Front doors can be painted with yellow-orange stain. It’s important to add character to front doors because they draw more attention.

Blue and Grey

Grey paint colour is neutral. It also matches different home styles. What’s more, it complements bricks better. To accent this colour, use sea and sky blue on doors and shutters.

Cream, Burgundy, and Green

A combination of cream, burgundy and green works best for Victorian-style homes. This is a bold paint colour combination that gives the exterior of a home a warm and dramatic appearance.

Basically, these are some of the best paint colour combinations to consider when painting the exterior of your home. Try them out and you will definitely give your home an admirable look.

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